Oracle Database 19c: ASM Administration Workshop

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    , 01.01.2022 01.11.2030


This course provides detailed information on the architecture of an Oracle Database instance and database, enabling you to effectively manage your database resources. You learn how to cre ate database storage structures appropriate for the business applications supported by your database. In addition, you learn how to create users and administer database security to meet your business requirements. Basic information on backup and recovery techniques is presented in this course.
To provide an acceptable response time to users and manage resources effectively, you learn how to monitor your database and manage performance.


  • Describe Oracle Database architecture
  • Describe Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS) architecture and features
  • Create and manage DBCS database deployments
  • Configure the database to support your applications
  • Manage database security and implement auditing
  • Implement basic backup and recovery procedures
  • Move data between databases and files
  • Employ basic monitoring procedures and manage performance


  Learn about Oracle's Products: Database
  Version: 19c
  Language: English


: Oracle Database 19c: ASM Administration Workshop

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